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Residential Services

Ocean View Residential Community Packages & Services

One of the key elements and reasons for the creation of Ocean View Residential Community is to build the perfect place to retire in Thailand. If you are living in Europe or other parts of the world and want to retire aboard but need a guiding hand to make your dreams come true, we are here to ensure everything runs seamlessly with no hiccups. Even if you are already living in Thailand want to find a residential community to offer you complete support in terms of everyday living, our ‘Residential Community’ packages were created with you in mind.

Residential Community for Retirees in Thailand

Are you looking for a reliable retirement option in a subtropical paradise? Thailand is simply one of the best places in the world to retire due to the all-year-round sunny climate, affordability and access to international-style facilities and amenities. Our Residential Community packages can give you the medical and care support you need to live the best life possible.

Do you need help to retire in Thailand?

Do you need access to nurses, doctors and medical staff?

Do you need a fully serviced apartment in a resort that has 24-hour security, maids and cleaners?

Do you need someone who can help you with your grocery shopping or any other things you might need? How about your retirement visa or immigration issues?

Do you generally just need some help and friendly faces to make your life or retirement an enjoyable experience?

If so, our Residential Community Packages can exponentially improve your lifestyle. Our packages are set over durations of 3 months, 6 months and 1-year and can combine all manner of medical and care services that can be tailored to your exact need.

Please see below an example of the packages and services that we can offer to our potential residents. The packages are optional and can be merged or changed to suit the individual need of each resident.

Our Package Services (optional)

In-Home Care:

  • Daily Food and Drink Packages
  • Cleaning two times a week (or more on request)
  • Bed Cleaning two times a week (or more on request)
  • Individually tailored community care packages based on your needs

Care Manager:

  • We can assist you with referrals to medical facilities, nursing options and other health services
  • We can help to arrange appointments and visits to the hospital if needed
  • We will organize your Doctor and Nursing visits for a checkup once per month or more (depending on your requirements)

Emergency Response:

  • You can rest assured that in case of an emergency, assistance is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Staying Connected with Family and Friends:

  • We will ensure that you stay connected with friends and family, encouraging a healthier lifestyle
  • We will provide you with the technology to stay connected even if you are far away from your loved ones

Activities and Entertainment:

As part of our services, we offer all our residents lots of community-focused activities and entertainment to make life more fun. The options are as follow:

  • BBQ and party one time a week or once per month
  • Thai food and Western Food Cooking Class once per a month or depend on your requirements
  • Bicycle trips, one time every two weeks, or depend on your needs
  • Walking trips once a week in different places
  • Boat trips (minimum 6 passengers)
  • Massage once per week
  • -Manicure one time a month.
  • Meditation once every week.
  • Trips to Rayong shopping centers or Pattaya shopping centers one time a week, (extra booking possible)

Our Residents Get a Helping Hand:

  • We will help our residents (as part of an agreed monthly rental package) with many other services
  • Help you to find the best insurance options
  • Offer a Visa service to deal with your immigration and visa issues