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Mae Phim Beaches

Exploring Laem Mae Phim Beaches

Mae Phim Beach Destination Guide

Exploring Mae Phim Beaches

Living in Mae Phim is all about natural beauty, rest and relaxation, with a smattering of Western amenities so you can also enjoy a modern lifestyle. Please check out our guide to the best beaches in Mae Phim.

Main Mae Phim Beach

The main beach at Mae Phim is usually described as “one of the finest mainland beaches in Thailand.” The beach is 4.3 km long, two-thirds of which are natural and untapped beach while the other third has restaurants and lounges. When you see the Parasols along the beach, know that this is a great place to get fresh seafood and cold drinks. There are some cool beachside restaurants directly on Mae Phim Beach such as the stunning Tequila Sunrise Restaurant that serves a delicious section of both local and Western dishes. Mae Phim is the main beach everyone visits when first exploring Mae Phim.

Ao Khai Beach

Ao Khai Beach is just a 5-minute drive east from Mae Phim Beach. Although it’s a smaller beach than most of the others, it has gained a lot of popularity recently due to newly opened resorts and beach bars such Centara Q Resort, the chic Sabay Bar & Restaurant and The Drift Beach Bar Mae Phim’s first authentic beach party bar. It’s most definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Other Popular Mae Phim Beaches

There are so many great beaches in the Mae Phim area. Just a few kilometers from Mae Phim to Ban Phe, you can discover some beautiful beaches which have become popular among those who visit Mae Phim. Coca-Cola Beach, Kims Beach, and Ken Beach are three hidden gems. Coca-Cola beach is located a couple of kilometers west of Mae Phim. At the big cola sign, turn left. If you drive a few more kilometers to the west, you will find both Ken & Kims Beach, which are simply beautiful.

If you head even further to the west, you will find other pristine stretches of sand such as Bee Beach, Freedom Beach, and Be Happy Beach. You can stroll around the beaches in this area for a while and come to Novotel Hotel, which is right next to the beautiful Novo Tell beach.

Mae Phim is one of the most picturesque places in Thailand with some of the most untapped and non-commercial style beaches. If you want to live in an area that is yet to be found by the tourism masses, Mae Phim really is the ultimate choice!