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Retire in Thailand!

Retire on Your Own Terms @ Ocean View Residential Community

Are you considering retirement and want to live a normal life in a warm and friendly location that has access to nurses and other medical services when you need them that will give you peace of mind? Did you know that Thailand is routinely ranked as one of the top-10 places to retire in the world for Westerners? Did you know that living in a warm country can rapidly improve your quality of life and health?

At Ocean View Residential Community, we offer both long and short term stays in a modern residence that is home to some quality villas and apartments that are both available to buy or rent. We offer standard rental packages and also residential community packages that will suit the requirement of most retirees. However, we can also tailor-make our assisted care packages to suit your individual needs. Please click here to see our Residential Community Packages.

We Can Help You Make the Move to Thailand?

Whether you are already in Thailand and seek a rental or residential option or you are at home in Europe or anywhere in the world and need help to make the move, we are on hand to guide you every step of the way. Making the move to another country or acclimatizing to an assisted residential community can be scary and distressing. But don’t worry. We are here to give you the confidence to make the move.

Our residents can enjoy total security and privacy while having access to staff who can help you with every aspect of your life from grocery shopping, ironing, and cleaning to helping you set up bank accounts or dealing with immigration and your visa requirements. WE ARE HERE TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE!

Independent Living @ Mae Phim Assisted Living Residence

We understand that you might want to live an independent lifestyle with a small amount of help when you need it. We totally respect that. We have ‘Independent Living’ options in the resort where you will live your own life. However, sometimes as people get older, they need help with certain things. We have a range of independent living apartments for both rental or sale that include daily cleaning, ironing and other services you might need. We will always be on hand to help you with anything you need. Click here to check out our Independent Living Packages at the resort.

Residential Community Packages

As we all get older, we need a certain amount of help to live a healthy and happy life. There comes a time in everyone’s life when independent living can be challenging or even worrying. Our Residential Community packages give you the option to live independently in the resort while having access to doctors, nurses and other medical services as and if you need them. We are not a care home, but we do offer help, which is what makes Ocean View Residential Community perfect for retirees or those needing a bit of help sometimes.