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Mae Phim Shopping

Mae Phim Shopping Options

Your Guide to Shopping in Mae Phim & Rayong Areas

Mae Phim Shopping Options

Mae Phim is the place where you can enjoy a peaceful and serene Thailand experience while being close to modern amenities such as international style shopping centers. If you are looking for great shopping, then you should head down to Rayong City where most of the stores and department stores and markets are located. Rayong is located 45km west of Mae Phim and a 30-minute drive away and is home to numerous international shopping malls. Central Plaza is the largest shopping, dining, and entertainment complex in Rayong and is a must-visit. Laemthong is another very large complex in Rayong where you can find great bargains that include clothing, electronics or some local products.

If you are looking for shopping options a bit closer to Mae Phim, Klaeng is the nearest town that has quite a few shopping options. Klaeng is approximately 1km from Mae Phim. Here you can find small stores scattered around town selling clothing, sporting goods and all kinds of food products. Klaeng is also home to a Tesco Lotus department store, which is a more western-style supermarket and shopping /dining venue.

Mae Phim Markets

Just a few hundred meters on highway 344 towards Bangkok, you can find a huge market which is open every Tuesday between 3 pm and 8 pm. If you are looking for lots of fresh seafood markets and options, we would recommend that you visit the area of Ban Phe. The area is known for its amazing seafood markets and also as a place where you can catch a 100-baht ferry to Koh Samed.

One of the main factors of living in Mae Phim is you can enjoy a peaceful and private experience, However, if you want to shop at international style shopping malls, Rayong is not far away and is very easy to access.