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Mae Phim Restaurants & Nightlife

Mae Phim Restaurants & Nightlife

Guide to Dining Out and Nightlife Options in Mae Phim

Exploring Mae Phim Restaurants & Nightlife

Even if you are not much of a drinker or a partygoer, everyone needs some nightlife and international restaurant options. Although Mae Phim is quieter than other well-known tourist areas, it offers a wide range of restaurants and bars to satisfy all culinary tastes. Whether you prefer fresh seafood, authentic Thai or western dishes or just wish to chill out at the beach bar sipping your favorite cocktails, Mae Phim has them all and plenty. This is one of the reasons why Mae Phim is a great place to live to sample some of the best food of all worlds in the relaxing and peaceful surroundings away from the main tourism streams.

On top of that, every restaurant and bar is a child-friendly place making this an ideal place for families as well. Restaurants and bars are mainly located on the beach road but some are also scattered in other places, giving you an opportunity to find your own favorite place by just exploring around and trying something new when you see one.

Thai food is served on virtually every corner in Mae Phim. There are many local restaurants that are just small huts or street kitchens, but this does not mean the food is not good. In fact, it can be the best Thai food you have ever eaten so don’t be afraid to taste and try. Popular Mae Phim restaurants and bars frequently visited by the local expat community include Buffalo Bill Steak House, Mezetto Mediterranean, Wolfie’s Winebar and Bistro, Italian LaCapanna Restaurant, Sabay Bar & Restaurant, The Drift Beach Bar, Orange Star Bar, Lucky Vikings Bar, Castle Restaurant and Bar, BBQ Restaurant, Tequilla Sunrise Restaurant, Sunshine Bar and numerous fresh seafood restaurants.

If you are looking for a more hectic night out, we would suggest that you head to Rayong, which is where you will lots more options.

Mae Phim is one of those special places that merges a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle in paradise location in Thailand while still offering lots of modern Western restaurants, bars, hotels and other facilities. This is why so many people are now choosing Mae Phim as the perfect place to reside