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Rental Packages

Ocean View Residential Community Living and Rental Packages

Do you want to live an independent lifestyle in a stunning tropical location in Thailand with access to help when needed? If this is exactly what you are looking for, our ‘Living and Rental’ packages at Ocean View Residential Community are the perfect choice for you. Our living packages allow you to rent or buy one of our apartments while taking advantage of the exclusive services at our world-class resort.

If you want to live independently in paradise in a caring community that can help you with all facets of your life, the Mae Phim Ocean Bay Condo community is the perfect choice. Our residents enjoy the benefits of a safe and secure community with 24-hour access to an emergency call, which is specifically tailored to support independence.

We offer reliable and innovative residential packages that combine standard living options both rental or residential, offering a private, secure and independent experience. The choice is yours! Live on your own terms while having access to the services of a caring community that offers total support around the clock. Our long stay services also offer wellbeing packages for those who want extra help including meal options, help with washing, ironing, cleaning, shopping, trips, and visa services when and if required.

The support of our caring community means that our residents are free to lead a fulfilling lifestyle in whatever way suits you. We ensure you are free from the worry of insecurity or stress of isolation. Our residents decide how they would like to participate in or contribute to the communal social and spiritual activities organized onsite.

It’s our goal to assist residents with their day to day needs, Work-Life Balance! Long-Stay Your Way!

Our standard residential and rental packages are basically a lifestyle package that includes an apartment, and access to the resort’s facilities. It’s like living in a resort but in a private and secure way. If you are getting a bit older and want to have that peace of mind, we can also help you with any medical services you might need. The packages are available on a monthly, quarterly or yearly time basis.

Please see a list of ‘Residential Rental’ Packages below will full details on what you receive: